About BayStar Hotel Group

BayStar Hotel Group distinguishes itself by offering a uniquely personal, guest-centered approach to hospitality management that has been developed and refined over our 20-year existence.

Simply put, when you stay at one of our hospitality properties, you'll find that our approach to doing business isn't built around trends, cookie cutter design or service gimmicks, but around timeless and authentic values that are the foundation of every great guest experience. When our guests arrive, they'll find our hotels to be accommodating, immaculate and efficiently managed.

Every hotel in our portfolio is tailored to meet the needs of specific market segments – resulting in a collection of properties that covers a full range of travelers – from families and business executive to tourists and young professionals. Our reason for this is born largely from the experience of our leadership team, who comes from a rich tradition of hospitality and understands our guest's increasing demand for less predictability and more personalized experiences. Most importantly, they understand the importance of providing meaningful and exceptional guest serve and ensuring that everyone who walks through their doors feels valued and appreciated.